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“Blackadder: Right, Baldrick, let’s try again, shall we? This is called adding. If I have two beans, and then I add two beans, what do I have?
Baldrick: Some beans.
BA: Yes…and no. Let’s try again, shall we? I have two beans, then I add two more beans. What does that make.
B: A very small casserole.
BA: Baldrick, the ape creatures of the Indus have mastered this. Now try again. One, two, three, four. So how many are there?
B: THree.
BA: What?
B: And that one.
BA: Three…and that one. So if I add that one to the three, what will I have?
B: Some beans.
BA: Yes. To you, Baldrick, the Renaissance was soemthing that just
happened to other people, wasn’t it?”
Nog meer geniale quotes zijn hier te vinden!
van hofleverancier EPD

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