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Reclame & Weblogs 2


Google gaat ‘bloggers’ betalen. Google gaat het geld, dat word binnengebracht met reclames, verdelen tussen Google zelf en de blogger.

Wie als weblogger actief is bij Blogger kan binnenkort geld verdienen via Google’s Adsense. Hiermee plaatst de zoekmachine contextuele reclame op de weblog en deelt vervolgens de opbrengst met de maker. Netwerksite LinkedIn is ondertussen begonnen met het plaatsen van reclame van zijn eigen leden. Bron: Emerce

Via Roelonline
Verbasterd blijft gewoon reclame-vrij. Natuurlijk heeft die 0.3 ct per maand geen zin.

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At last I got the check from Google!!
Of course I am very excited and happy.
Two month ago, I surfed internet and saw Google adsense, I was very interested in it, and then I wanted to have a try, I sent Email to google to apply for an account, two days later, I got the account. (also excited). Then I put Google adsense code in my site according to google, one day later, when I logged in my account, I found I really have 50 cents in my account, wow, was it true? I didn’t have doubt about google adsense now, because I saw money in the account. Of course I still had a bit doubt, because that is just in the account, who knows if they can send me a real check or not?
Time flies, after two month, I really got the check from Google, oh, My God, I couldn’t believe in it, it is really true, and it is just before me.
I like google adsense very much, I think they are the cleverest internet persons; this is really a revolution for internet. Look, now you can also see other websites use almost the same kind of advertisement like google.
I hope that google can get more and more money, and can give the best free search service to internet friends.
To use Google adsense, first you must follow the policy, second you had better make the ads suitable to your websites: for example: color, position and so on
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First one is about looking for a job, vacatures in Nederland
Second one is about learning Dutch online