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Duck Hunt Doom

09/23/2005 —

Een leuke mix van de FPS Doom en de Nintendo oergame Duckhunt. Schiet geheel in de stijl van Doom de eenden uit de lucht! Download Duck Hunt Doom snel!

The classic NES gameplay of Duck Hunt,
The splendid brutality of Doom.
Together at last.
Duck Doom Deluxe is the overhaul upgrade to the surprisingly popular mega-mix Duck Doom, released in November 2004. Really, it’s a stupid game, one that’s sure to get old fast. But if this is your first time playing, more than likely, Duck Doom will be the most satisfying and unwittingly humourous retro gaming throwback you’ll download this week. Bron: About Duck Doom – readme.txt

Via BoingBoing.

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