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Podcasting fight


Dave Winer van het weblog ‘Scripting News‘ heeft er genoeg van! Adam Curry heeft podcasten niet uitgevonden en heeft niet gezien dat RSS een prima manier zou zijn om deze audiobestanden te verspreiden:

I winced a half-dozen times reading this interview with Adam Curry. He didn’t invent podcasting, he didn’t figure out that RSS would be a good transport. And he didn’t write the first iPodder. Here’s what Adam actually did do. He figured out the last yard was important and worked tirelessly to get people to listen to him. I was the only one who did, and I turned that idea into RSS with enclosures, and wrote the first iPodder, in 2001, three years before Adam claims to have done all this stuff. I never denied him credit for his role in this work, quite the opposite, I praised him every way I could for his insight. I also did regular podcasts for a couple of months before he started. He was listening to them, calling me all the time, ecstatic at how I was reinventing radio. There are a couple of ideas in Daily Source Code that didn’t come from me, and for that Adam deserves full credit and our thanks. But these lies have gone on and on, he just doesn’t stop. Bron: Scripting News – Dave Winer

En Dave is nog niet klaar:

Also, as has been pointed out elsewhere, Chris Lydon’s interviews with bloggers were available as an RSS feed with enclosures, starting in August 2003. I’d love to hear Adam’s explanation of why that’s not a podcast. That was followed very shortly by Doug Kaye’s IT Conversations. My first podcasts were inspired by The Gillmor Gang, which I openly credit in those podcasts. I’m totally fed up with Adam taking credit for our hard risk-taking work. In other words, it’s time for Adam to sit down and do his stinkin broadcast with his stinkin transmitter.
Thing is — Adam’s star is fading, again. At some point he’s going to need some friends, and then I’m going to kick him in the ass, and then look him in the eye and say “Shouldn’t have lied so much, dickhead.” Bron: Scripting News – Dave Winer

Ik ben benieuwd of Adam Curry hier nog op gaat reageren! Vooralsnog staat er niets op zijn weblog over deze pittige uitspraken.
Via frEdSCAPEs.

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Hej Base,
this is gonna be interesting! Adas hasn’t reacted yet, but I’m pretty sure he’s gonna do something about it. So, we sit and watch =)
Greetings from Bonn.



ik las dit ook een paar weken geleden, ook nog niks van gehoord?



Dat is inderdaad erg interessant ! Beide vragen zijn nog niet beantwoord geloof ik. Ik denk ook dat Adam Curry het persoonlijk oplost met Dave Winer en geen uitspraken doet via de media. Misschien dat hij er nog een ‘blogpostje’ aan wijdt.