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First Person Shooter

10/12/2006 —

First Person Shooter a project from Aram Bartholl is the definition for a computer game genre which is played in the first person view while shooting is the main action of the game. A typical element of the game is the virtual arm of the player. Pointing with a weapon to the center of the screen this arm stays in the foreground all the time. The Object First Person Shooter is a card and a do it yourself set. The result of cutting and glueing all parts of FPS is a pair of glasses with the arm and weapon visible from out- and inside..Bringing the virtual world into the real one. Bron: Invisiblered

Bekijk ook de andere projecten, gebaseerd op games, pixels en locatie, van Aram Bartholl. Erg leuke projecten! Ook zijn fotoblog is de moeite waard. Neem bijvoorbeeld een kijkje bij zijn ‘Interactive urban media public game‘.
Via invisiblered.

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