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Hey Ya – Akoestisch

11/07/2006 —

Een mooie akoestische versie van ‘Hey ya’! Lekker om de ochtend mee te beginnen.
Via jaggle.

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Het gaat hem ook goed af !
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Uhhh . . . Something Happened This Weekend
For those of you who dont know, our friend Brian posted a video of me playing a cover of Outkasts Hey Ya on You can see it here: Well that video has been up for over a month and last week about 2,400 people had visited that page. Right now there have been 54,760 views and its going up every day. The video has been on as well as as well as some site in Sweden that apparently is pretty popular. Weve sold about 40 or so CDs online (which is about 40 something more than we sold ever) and lots of people have been emailing us and saying nice things.