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Next Gen Games

11/08/2006 —

What is next-gen, Cliff Bleszinski ponders in his developer’s note, a preface to the Gears of War instruction manual. Bron: Joystiq

Inderdaad… wat maakt nu een ‘next gen game’ ? Zijn ‘next gen games’ iets van deze tijd … of brengt elke technologische vernieuwing ‘next gen games’ met zich mee …

Ga vooral even door de reacties op het artikel op joystiq ….

12. there is not such thing as next-gen but only stupid people who think they are going to get next-gen by buyin a shiny new box. A good game is a game that you can have fun, and give you that F#$@, kickas experience that the 50$ dollars were well spend. It doesn’t get any better than that.
And it can accomplished by any system, very old or the present one.
Bron: ‘Jesus’ – Joystiq

… denk dan even terug aan de ironische developers note van Cliff Bleszinski … en al wat wijzer ? Ik zie graag jullie kijk op ‘next gen games’ terug in de reacties.

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