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Showdown Little Shanghai

04/12/2006 —

Sinds december vorig jaar zit Thijs Bosma al in Shanghai. Huis en haard verlaten om volledig voor het leven in Shanghai te gaan. Erg leuk om al zijn berichten te lezen op zijn weblog ‘Hey World, Here I Am!

Thijs is in ieder geval in zijn nopjes over de ‘cleaning lady’. Een ode aan haar:

I got to devote one post to the cleaning lady here in my house. I mean wauw! We call her ayi and she is really good. When I first came here in this house I did know anything about this until the next day when I saw all my dirty clothes (without even giving it to her) washed and ironed and well in my closet. My room was thereby perfectly clean also. We are also lucky since I hear from other foreigners that our cleaning lady is particularly good. She comes 5 days a week for 3 hours per day and is very very cheap for our standards. People reading this Blog who know me know that I can be a mess so its not a bad deal. Bron: Hey World, Here I Am – Thijs Bosma

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