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Virtuele gemeenschappen in de blogosphere?

03/12/2006 —

Marianne van den Boomen, mijn scriptiebegeleider, laat in een mooie post ‘Communities in the Blogosphere?‘ duidelijk merken dat weblogs niet binnen het korset van ‘virtuele gemeenschappen’ moeten worden gepropt:

This corset only fits when there is indeed either a virtual space to share (forum, chat room, site) or when we can distinguish social actors in terms of members, regulars and other group roles (as can be done in lively mailing lists and Usenet groups). Ah well, this is perhaps too bluntly stated – didn’t I write a complete book about the social meaning and complexity of virtual communities? – but I am really fed up with the concept of community. And actually I want to save blogs from this kind of conceptual colonization, since I consider blogs as a real new social-technical artifact which should be analyzed in it’s own terms. Bron: Marianne van den Boomen

I would argue that we should use other concepts than community in order to analyze what is going on in the blogosphere. Actually, my claim is that the dominant metaphors of spatial settlement and community are blocking the study of blogs. Let’s get rid of the community metaphor! Bron: Marianne van den Boomen

A must read!

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