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3D Image Projector

08/17/2007 —

Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has developed a device that uses lasers to project real three-dimensional images in mid-air. The institute unveiled the device on February 7 in a demonstration that showed off the device’s ability to project three-dimensional shapes of white light. Bron: Pinktentacle

Hebben jullie ook al zo’n ‘Minority Report’ gevoel! Zien jullie ook al Star Wars fanaten die met levensechte ‘light sabers’ elkaar te lijf gaan!
Ik denk dat we erg veel mooie dingen mogen verwachten van deze technologie. Zeker als de grote reclamebureau’s en grote merken het oppikken als manier om reclame te maken.

The chief scientist at AIST’s Photonics Research Institute says, “We believe this technology may eventually be used in applications ranging from pyrotechnics to outdoor advertising.” Bron: Pinktentacle

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