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Cell Phone Disco

10/30/2007 —

Cell Phone Disco is an experimental installation that visualizes electro-magnetic field of an active mobile phone. It incorporates several thousand flashing cells which were initially produced as a fashion accessory for a cell phone.
These flashing cells consist of a sensor that detects electromagnetic (EM) radiation in the spectrum of GSM cellular network, a LED and a battery. When the sensor detects EM waves it sets off the LED to flash for a couple of seconds. We took this of-the-shelf technology and slightly altered it in order to achieve a good level of sensitivity. By its multiplication we generated a surface that makes a property of the environment, usually hidden from our senses, perceptible. Bron: CellPhoneDisco.

Hoe grappig! Misschien straks wel bij jou in je club! Geef je opeens licht in dat donkere hoekje!
Cell Phone Disco II, interactive installation was in december 2006 al bij “Brightlive” te Amsterdam.

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