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Fashion & Technology

09/08/2007 —

Op de universiteit van Malmö in Zweden wordt het vak ‘Fashion & Technology‘ gegeven.

The course explores the field through a study of clothing and style as socio-cultural communication and an investigation of how emerging technologies can assist in personal expression. After that, practical workshops invite students to craft their own prototype. Bron:

En deze prototypes zijn zeker het bekijken waard! Erg mooie en innovatieve kledingstukken.
Een van de kledingstukken is de ‘Beat Dress‘:

How does it work?
When music or any sound is detected by the microphone it is being led to the equalizer connected to the computer. If there is a base sound the computer transmits a signal to the battery to send pulses of electricity out to the leds in the dress. This obviously lightens the leds up. Then in a second or so they softly go of again. So when listening to music the leds are pulsing to the rhythm of the music. There is also a small lever attached to the microphone, making it possible to adapt to the loudness of sounds around you. This makes the dress work both where there are low volumes like being at home listening to music or out clubbing where the music is very loud. Bron:

Ik ben benieuwd wanneer we aan de hand van iemands kleding kunnen aflezen welke muziek er op zijn of haar iPod staat. Dit is ook zeker mooie technologie voor doven en slechthorenden!

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