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Global warming flood hits Amsterdam in Second Life

04/10/2007 — ,

Tokyo, Amsterdam, and the entire Mediterranean island of Ibiza were inundated with floodwaters today due to rising sea levels brought on by global warming.
Or at least, that would have been the headline if events in the virtual world Second Life mirrored reality.
A rolling flood temporarily swamped several areas of the online world as part of a campaign to illustrate the potential environmental and financial impacts of climate change.
“Our message was, You may have a second life, but [you still need to] offset your second life in real life,” said David de Rothschild, a London-based environmentalist and adventurer whose nonprofit Adventure Ecology helped stage today’s flood. Bron: National Geographic News

Mooie actie om met behulp van het (media)populaire Second Life aandacht te vragen voor de klimaatsveranderingen. Natuurlijk moet het jaar 1953 even door je hoofd flitsen ….
Via Houtlust.

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