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Hoe Google een gebouw kan veranderen

09/29/2007 —

Chris Silver Smith van het weblog The Natural Search Blog ziet via Google Earth de vorm van een swastika in het gebouw van de “US Naval base in Coronado, CA”. Uiteindelijk gaat er voor meer dan een half miljoen dollar verbouwd worden ….

As the image gained in popularity, the media picked up on the story, and the Navy began taking flak for the buildings design and apparent insensitivity to victims of the Nazis. According to a story by the Associated Press, the Navy did notice the resemblance at the opening of the Naval Construction Force’s barracks in 1967, but wrote it off as it was not obvious from the ground.
Now that attention has been drawn to the situation, the Navy has agreed to spend up to $600,000 to renovate the landscaping of the property, alter some of the walkways, and other plans to help alter the appearance of the 40 year old building complex. Bron: Tech.Blorge.

Via Tech. Blorge.

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