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Identiteit verificatie in Second Life

08/30/2007 —

Het is nu mogelijk om iets meer te weten te komen van de persoon waarmee je danst of praat in Second Life …. Ook al is het nog optioneel voor alle Second Life bewoners … bepaalde informatie kan zichtbaar worden gemaakt. En zoals ze zelf al zeggen in hun post zal dit een goede stap in de richting van ‘vertrouwen’ zijn. En natuurlijk is het fijn dat bepaalde content niet voor alle ogen zichtbaar is ;-).

The IDV system aims to deliver two things. First, for Residents, it gives them the chance to independently verify certain aspects of their identity (their name, age, location and sex for instance) if they choose to. This will help establish trust by removing a layer of anonymity for those they interact with. It’s much easier to trust someone who puts their name behind their words and actions.
The second benefit of the IDV system is to help land owners and content publishers be sure that minors do not get access to inappropriate material. Again this is voluntary, but we wanted to provide the tools for estate owners to restrict access to content of a sexual or violent nature to those they are sure are over 18. They’ll do this by flagging the content as ‘Restricted’ which will only allow avatars verified as over 18 to access the land. Visitors to Restricted areas can also be reassured that all other visitors are over 18 as well. Bron: Official Linden Blog

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