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Kerkelijke missie in Second Life

08/01/2007 — , ,

Nu Linden Labs gokken verboden heeft gemaakt, zal het niet lang duren voordat de andere ‘sin’: cybersex aangepakt wordt….
Lore Sj√∂berg van Wired heeft er een mooi stuk over geschreven: “Preaching to the Perverted in Second Life“. Enkele delen hiervan staan hieronder:

Linden Labs recently outlawed gambling in Second Life, officially making cybersex the one interesting thing that happens there. A Jesuit scholar has suggested that Second Life is an excellent target for missionary work in an attempt to bring that number down to zero. The very concept of missionary work in an artificial world brings up a number of questions, many of them exceedingly creepy.
Chief among them is this: How do you speak of spiritual things to a giant squirrel person with six breasts? If you’re a virtual missionary in a virtual world speaking to another virtual person, are you trying to convert the virtual person or the real person behind it?
The problem with this is that virtual worlds are someplace where you can be someone else. In fact, you can be anyone else. It would be ridiculous to go a comic book convention and try to talk someone dressed as Doctor Octopus out of robbing banks. Presumably animal-rights activists aren’t trying to convince Glenn Close not to make clothing out of Dalmatians. Why would you wander into a virtual world and pick out likely targets for conversion based on their avatars? Bron: Wired

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