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Living a customer-centric culture

07/04/2007 —

How can your organization align your staff to make sure everyone is delivering great customer experiences every day?
First of all, the human relations or human resource department needs to be involved. The department should define a development program based on living a customer-centric culture. This program could look something like this:
1. Put the employees in the customers’ shoes.
2. Put the employees in the shoes of a particular colleague.
3. Review your own habits and attitude.
4. Be evaluated in a 360-degree approach by colleagues you frequently deal with (through a random selection of evaluator-evaluated person and/or “mystery shopping”).
By following this outline, you seed a clear long-term customer commitment within the organization and leadership that actively lives that commitment, supported by effective processes and evaluation schemes that integrate the customer view in overall management and corporate culture.
Bron: CustomerThink

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