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Nederland zou Manhunt 2 kunnen uitgeven

08/31/2007 —

Whenever things go bad in a legal/social sense, you can always count on the Dutch to pull one out of the fire. They’ve just announced that, should Take-Two wish to publish manhunt 2 in The Netherlands, they can go right ahead and do it, since their classification laws are based on
…the principle that every adult is considered capable of deciding for himself which games he wants to play, unless it contains illegal material.
In case you’re wondering, illegal material means either anything a paedophile would enjoy or any kind of racist propaganda. Manhunt’s got neither, so it’s all good! Bron: Kotaku

Mooie post op Kotaku. Ben benieuwd hoe de discussie op gaat laaien wanneer Manhunt 2 in Nederland uitgebracht wordt …. net nu Duitsland en Groot-BrittanniĆ« het spel hebben verboden.
De coalitie heeft in ieder geval al van zich laten spreken en wil een verbod op de omstreden game.

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