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Photorealism is not the name of the game

02/24/2007 —

Graphics zijn belangrijk in games, maar niet belangrijker dan de gameplay. Introversion director (Darwinia, Defcon) Mark Morris vindt de drang van game ontwikkelaars naar ‘photo-realism’ in games een doodlopende weg. Ik denk zelf ook dat de gameplay belangrijker is dan de graphics.

“What I think happens too often is that [developers] sort of go, ‘We’re going to show you the best graphics you’ve ever seen and then we might pack a bit of gameplay or a little bit of entertaining fun on at the end,” he says. “I think that’s a very bad thing, a very bad thing to do, and I think we’re seeing a lot of companies doing it. Bron: Business Week

“Well, to answer whether or not graphics matter, I’d say yeah, they do,” Morris says. He explains further, “But when someone asks, ‘does realism [in graphics] matter?’ I’d say, no, it doesn’t. Immersion matters, drawing the player in matters, giving the player a gaming experience unlike anything they’ve ever had before matters. And I’m saying if you want to spend all your efforts on photo-realism, then you can go ahead—but you’re not doing anything for the industry.” Bron: Business Week

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