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You can scroll the shelf using and keys

Schilderen met je Wii Remote op een Interactieve Holografische muur

10/25/2007 —

“Adobe Creativity Conducted” Interactive Wall Experience features a holographic-like projection system on which you can paint images and designs using a Nintendo Wii remote control. This full screen Flash application runs in HD resolution, and was premiered during the primary Adobe party of the MAX 07 Conference in Chicago. The experience ran uninterrupted for the duration of the party (4 hours), and received nonstop foot traffic resulting in 68 artistic creations submitted as images to a Flickr account. Bron: Blitz Labs

Innovatieve concepten en installaties bij Adobe MAX ’07 in Chicago. Mooi om te zien dat systemen zoals de Wii en Flash applicaties samen erg goed werken! Zeker ook even de Flickr set kijken met indrukwekkende foto’s!

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