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Vijf meest memorabele MMORPG gebeurtenissen

12/11/2007 —

MMOCrunch beschrijft de 5 meest memorabele gebeurtenissen in de geschiedenis van MMORPG. Leuk om even te lezen!
In het kort:

  1. The Assassination of Lord British – Ultima Online – August 8, 1997
  2. LEEEEROY JENKINS! – World of Warcraft
  3. The Epic Heist – EVE Online – November 2005
  4. Plague Outbreak – World of Warcraft – September 2005
  5. Death of the Sleeper – EverQuest – November 15-17, 2007

‘Death of the Sleeper’ geeft mooi weer hoe enorme groepen in virtuele mythen geloven en hoe krachtig een verhaal kan zijn.

On November 15, 2003, on the Rallos Zek PvP server, the three top guilds (Ascending Dawn, Wudan, and Magus Imperialis Magicus) assembled over 180 players with the intent to wake and kill The Sleeper. This was in response to an attempt to wake The Sleeper by an Iksar monk named Stynkfyst, who partnered with the largest random-pk guild of the time. Having been a former member of uber-guild Ascending Dawn, he had the knowledge the random pk guild needed to wake The Sleeper. The top guilds did not assemble their forces until word of Stynkfyst’s intentions had spread, and it became clear that he intended to wake The Sleeper, forever preventing future guilds from farming the old loot table. Until this point, waking The Sleeper had not been seriously considered by any guilds, as it was believed that waking The Sleeper would make the offending guild’s players kill-on-sight to the other guilds of the server. Bron: MMOCrunch

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