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Wat is Web 2.0?

05/04/2007 —

Is it a hype? Yes.
Is it something real? Yes, also.
Is it good? No.
Is it bad? No.
Is it neutral? No!
What is it then? It is a metaphor.
Bron: Marianne van den Boomen – Meta BlogNote

What I like about this metaphor of 2.0 is that is focuses on software as such. Strange enough, this is rare in computing and Internet metaphors. Most metaphors indicating something digital lead our attention away from software; this one foregrounds it. That’s special. Bron: Marianne van den Boomen – Meta BlogNote

Marianne van den Boomen, mijn scriptiebegeleider, komt met een erg interessant artikel over Web2.0. Zeker even lezen!

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