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You Grew Up Playing Shoot’em-Up Games. Why Can’t Your Kids?

04/14/2007 —

At that instant, I heard the front door to my apartment open, and in walked my nanny … with my 15-month-old son, his eyes agog. Daddy, I could see him thinking, what are you doing?
Oh, nothing, son. Just kicking back with a mass-murder simulator. That’s all! Bron: Wired

Clive Thompson, die schrijft voor The New York Times Magazine en ook regelmatig een bijdrage levert aan Wired en aan andere New York magazines, laat met een eenvoudig voorbeeld zien in welke rare positie je als gamende ouders kan komen te staan:

Gamers like me have spent years railing against ill-informed parents and politicians who’ve blamed games for making kids violent, unimaginative, fat or worse. But now we’re in a weird position: We’re the first generation that is young enough to have grown up playing games, but old enough to have kids. Bron: Wired

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