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Club Penguin: mooi voorbeeld Customer Support

09/16/2008 —

Club Penguin’s customer support staff typically responds to 5,000-7,000 e-mails a day and strives to have a personal connection with each child. While this will tend to generate more e-mails as kids write back and forth to these individuals, Merrifield said he was all for that because all those e-mails contained valuable feedback. Kids will say what they think would be cool and what they think would be lame, if something was too hard or frustrating, and what they enjoy. Club Penguin listens to the customer and follows through because the company feels it’s important to make the customer always feel that his or her voice is important. They also rely on play-testing, forum and blog checking. Bron: Edge Online

Erg goed om te horen hoe Club Penguin, in handen van Disney, met haar jeugdige gebruikers om gaat. Disney’s mantra, to listen and serve the customer base in order to build a successful business, is zeker iets wat veel meer bedrijven die met grote groepen gebruikers te maken krijgen moeten nastreven.

When asked how Club Penguin distinguished between the wants and needs of the kids audience, Merrifield said they acted as parents. Kids routinely ask for a bed for their igloo. Club Penguin answers that there are no beds because penguins sleep standing up but he acknowledged that there are no beds because beds could bring up inappropriate discussions. Club Penguin also has implemented a timer so that the game can be turned off. This addresses the concerns of parents. Bron: Edge Online

Via Edge Online.

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