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Interactive Film: Late Fragment

07/09/2008 —

Introduction to Interactive Film from latefragment on Vimeo.

Late Fragment is an interactive film that lets audiences piece together, both literally and figuratively, the cinematic narrative in front of them. The physical experience is not unlike channel surfing in front of the television, except imagine that each channel presents different scenes from the same story. Sitting on the couch, remote control in hand, audiences can click “enter” on their remote control, and impact the way the story unfolds, sequencing the events of the story depending on when and how often they click “enter.” Late Fragment is like many of the non-linear movies we have come to love including Crash, Short Cuts, and Amores Perros. But with Late Fragment audiences now impact what scene they may get next. Bron: Late Fragment

Ik zou wel willen weten hoe deze film ‘kijkt’!! Je kan de DVD al kopen! Als het echt een hit wordt, ben ik benieuwd hoe de filmsector erop gaat reageren! Krijgen we als ‘kijker’ meer invloed op het verloop van het verhaal, in welke mate moet de regisseur rekening gaan houden met deze momenten…. en moet je geen wiskundeknobbel hebben als regisseur:

There are 380 available ‘clicks,’ allowing for billions of story trajectories. So complex is the behind-the-scene structure of the film that an expert in matrix algebra was consulted. Bron: Amazon.

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