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Karl Lagerfeld’s radio station in GTAIV

04/11/2008 —

Karl Lagerfeld in Grand Theft Auto IV!

Herr Karl will be contributing to the soundtrack of the game, selecting his favorite dance and electronica tracks and providing off-color commentary as a virtual DJ on one of GTA’s many radio stations. Lagerfeld has ventured into the music world before, putting out compilations of his favorite tunes and commissioning Devendra Banhart to record a creepy-genius “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” for his over-the-top Dom Perignon ad campaign, but this is his first foray into gaming. You won’t actually see him in the game–at least not yet–which is probably just as well; a city as grimy as this one is no place for Dior Homme. Bron:

Op de Rockstargames website is de ‘radiozender’ van Karl al te beluisteren:

Join DJ Karl on a journey back to the heyday of Liberty City when disco never died and electronic music was born. Bron:

Via, & Rockstargames.

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