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Real time de hotspots van het nachtleven op je mobiel

07/01/2008 —

Deciding when and where to go out on a Friday night just got easier for San Francisco consumers with a new, mobile map application that automatically shows where the hotspots are. Bron: Springwise

Hoe makkelijk is dat! Weet je gelijk waar je moet zijn om in de drukte uit je bol te gaan of om juist wat rustiger te kunnen kletsen in een kroegje. Gewoon even de site van Citysense checken via je Blackberry.

Sense Networks’ CitySense, which just entered alpha, gives users a real-time view of how busy the city is as well as where the busiest places currently are. There’s no need to sign up–users simply download the free application onto their Blackberry (iPhone support is coming soon) and view a “heat” map of activity throughout the area, linking to Yelp or Google to zero in for more information about the hotspots. A billion points of GPS and wifi positioning data from the last few years complement the real-time feeds underpinning the technology, which operates on Sense Networks’ Macrosense platform. Bron: Springwise

Als voorbeeld kun je op de website van CitySense de stad San Francisco bekijken met haar hotspots.
Via Springwise & the Techherald.

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