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Virus Kunst: Newton 2005

03/05/2008 —

Maybe it’s the first time that a computer virus looks this beautiful. Bron: Poppupot

Behold, a video of the Newton Virus. Back in 2005, Troika, the British-based art collective that was behind the Heathrow Terminal 5 sculpture that some of you recently described as a “disco turd,” created a virus for Macs, called Newton. It came on a little USB key that looked like a cross between a malevolent Apple and Pac Man and was aimed at, well, people like you or I, who spend far too much time fiddling around on their computers. Bron: Gizmodo

Leuk om te zien! Bekijk zeker even de video!
Via Poppupot & Gizmodo & Dezeen.

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