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Dead body spam in World of Warcraft


Dead body spam in WOW

The growing value of URLs you can easily spell out in dead bodies
Probably the funniest bit of commercial ingenuity I’ve seen these past few months is the growth of corpse-spam in World of Warcraft.You see, it’s quite hard, in-game, to spam people with commercial messages. If you send messages to people you get blocked and reported and your account shut down. If you just yell stuff in the city square people ignore you. But there’s a huge market in selling gold to players (cos it’s easier to buy 1000 gold from a Chinese sweat-shop than bother to earn it by playing the game) and so the gold-spammers have hit on an ingenious solution.

Go to any major city (Stormwind, Orgrimmar) and you’ll see the name of some gold-selling website or other spelled out in dead bodies on the ground. Bron: Virtual Economics

Hoe ingenieus je niet kan zijn om aandacht te trekken voor je website! Slim omzeilen van de regels en uiteraard flink veel publiciteit voor deze stunt. Ben benieuwd hoe lang het duurt voordat Blizzard hier een stokje voor steekt.

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