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You can scroll the shelf using and keys

SAP: een Audio Augmented Reality Game


SAP, a browser for geotagged audio files:

Met een druk op je iPhone start je de game en vervolgens word je door geluid door de wereld heen geloodst.

It’s called Situated Audio Platform, or SAP. It’s augmented reality based on sound; a virtual world wrapped round our existing one, but one you listen to, not one you have to watch on screen. Bron: Giles Turnbull

The idea is that it only has one button, the whole screen, which you use to switch it on, and then you never have to look at it. You can leave it in your pocket, monitoring the world for tagged files, quitely pinging, while you listen to your music. Then if it detects something, you hold it at your side and sweep the area until you home in on whatever it’s found. You could browse AudioBoo with it, or get it to read geotagged wikipedia files to you. Bron: Russel Davies

Russell’s example shows interactions like finding hidden virtual objects, or destroying nearby virtual baddies. Think about it for a moment: suddenly you’re not just playing a game, you’re inside the game. It happens around you while you’re ambling down the street to the shops, or hanging out in the park on a Sunday afternoon. Bron: Giles Turnbull

Gilles Turnbull heeft al een aantal andere mogelijkheden bedacht voor deze technologie:

* a platformer level whereby the iPhone instructs you to leap to the left to avoid an incoming Goomba
* a racing element where the iPhone detects several players standing within a few feet to one another, and instructs all of them to run to a point 200 feet away, ready steady GO!
* a treasure hunt aspect, where you can “drop” files from your phone (sounds, images, whatever) in the real world, ready for someone to find later (and perhaps return to you to win a prize) Bron: Giles Turnbull

Erg interessant! Speciale games voor op de fiets, bus of tram, multiplayer games in het park of een citygids voor blinde mensen.

Via ARTweets.

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