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Uitdaging EA: games porten naar Iphone

03/24/2009 —

EA, een grote naam in de gameswereld, ging de uitdaging aan om een aantal games te porten naar de iphone.

With a library as large as EA’s, figuring out which games to bring to iPhone was as big a challenge as anything else. After thinking about the benefits of adaptation for each game, EA considered four key elements: brand recognition, proven mechanics, fast time to market and high profitability. Bron: Edge Online

Ze kwamen er al snel achter dat het overzetten van mooie goedlopende games naar de iphone niet een, twee, drie, gedaan is. In het artikel op Edge Online worden een aantal interessante tips gegeven om rekening mee te houden als je games gaat porten naar de iphone:

1) See games not as ports, but as adaptations, 2) Keep things simple and sexy, and 3) learn from Apple’s lead

One of the biggest issues for developers to overcome is learning from Apple’s lead on tough interface issues. “Why re-create the keyboard, when Apple has done it so well already?”

“Use Google Maps to see how things can be simplified,”

“And whatever you do, simplify the controls. Every time you create a button, make sure the user knows he or she is tapping that button.

The iPhone and iPhone Touch are music devices, so you really want to support user music in your games

He added the device is also a phone, so make sure to incorporate solid support for interrupt-driven games to avoid slowdown and crashing.

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