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Foodspotting: mix van slimme ingredienten


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Fotografeer je eten, zeg wat het is en geef de locatie van het restaurant aan. Deel dit uiteraard met al je vrienden twitter etc. Op deze manier kun je in elke stad een ‘gids’ creëren die bol staat van de lekkerste gerechten en beste restaurants. Dit zijn de ingrediënten van Foodspotting ! Je kan het zelfs in een game gieten waarbij je ‘experience points’ krijgt door middel van meedoen. Denken jullie ook gelijk aan de presentatie van Jesse Schnell. 😉

It’s one of the most interesting location-based plays that will be on display at SXSW — a conference that will be rife with location-based services. But Foodspotting is a bit different because they’re not aiming to be a location platform like Foursquare or Gowalla. Instead, they’re happy to use location to augment their own reality-based game. That is, after all, essentially what Foodspotting is. Just like with the other two aforementioned location services, you earn some badges for tagging certain types of foods in pictures (they called them “Expert Badges”). And you earn others for participating in the Guides. And, of course, there are points for doing all of this. Bron: Techcrunch

Via Techcrunch.

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Chevia Food Discovery will be going nationwide in about 1 week and there will be ways to spot foods at arbitrary locations as well.

Check this out:

The first version of the app has just launched today. It allows you to do what Foodspotting could do but it also gives you more ways to explore food items.

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