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Get behind the minds of designers

01/22/2015 Gather ’round as a few of our favorite designers share tips, insights, war stories and more.

Also see Little Black Book about the campaign.

Newcastle – No Bollocks


Very nice!

The Office Turntable


Ahhh holiday!


Israir Travel Agency

Nice print advertising for Israir Travel Agency.

Lego Tattoo


Lego - Tattoo

Om aan te geven wat de kunsten zijn van de ‘Pilot extra fine pens’ heeft Grey een aantal lego poppetjes getatoeëerd. Uit 2010, maar zeker het vermelden waard!

Appreciation. Acknowledgement. “The deepest human need is the need to be appreciated.”—Believe it! A few kind words are often remembered for years!

Via Frislicht deze bijzondere 2 pagina’s vol wijsheden gevonden welke zijn verzameld door Tom Peters.

Tom Peters – Excellence


Your brand will be remembered as the desperate guy with the rohypnol who isn’t afraid to use it, and your audience will be covering their drinks, shuffling away and won’t be going home with you.

Zeker lezen: “Don’t Call it Advertising, Call it Redemption“. En vergeet de comments ook niet ;-).

Don’t call it advertising…