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You can scroll the shelf using and keys

AnkiDrive Toys



Note to self: set reminder to get one of these! Anki Drive, available in 5 days, are tiny, iPhone controlled toys with a unique artificial intelligence letting the cars drive on their own while you can take on the competition with machine guns, tractor beams etc.

“We don’t do focus groups – that is the job of the designer,” says Ive. “It’s unfair to ask people who don’t have a sense of the opportunities of tomorrow from the context of today to design.”

Apple Senior Vice President of Industrial Design Jonathan Ive – London Evening Standard.

We don’t do focus groups


iPad 3 Concept


Winter Wake-up


Wake up app

Boondoggle heeft een applicatie ontwikkeld welke je eerder wekt, dan je ingesteld wekkertijdstip, wanneer het vriest of gesneeuwd heeft. Zo heb je genoeg tijd om weg te glibberen of je auto uit te graven!

Alternative remote ideas floated by Apple included a wireless keyboard and mouse, or using an iPod, iPhone or iPad as a remote. None of these concepts worked. But there was one “I finally cracked it” moment, when Apple realized you could just talk to your television. Enter Siri.

Bron: Nick Bilton

Siri als afstandsbediening voor je TV


Apple’s UI over kunst in het Louvre


Appl'es UI over Louvre art

Erg mooi! Meer van Leo Caillard.
Via Wired.

Nike Football+ Team Edition op de iPad

07/17/2010 — 1 Comment

De eerste iPad applicatie van Nike, Nike Football+ Team Edition, biedt hulp aan voetbalcoaches.

It features a world of training drills, instructions, challenges, tests and information on how coaches can get the best out of their players.
The Nike Football Training iPad App also allows you to create custom training programs from some of the worlds best teams, watch tutorials form the worlds best players and record players performance and training all inside the app. Bron: DigitalBuzzblog

Zo geeft Adidas de voetballers advies met de ‘Adidas Match Tracker‘ en is Amstel de drijvende kracht achter een georganiseerd amateurelftal met Teamlink.