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Online Gaming trends in China

08/02/2006 — 2 Comments

Via Joystiq kom ik bij aardige artikelen over de online gaming trends in China:

BusinessWeek online recently ran an article that effectively summarizes major issues in the burgeoning Chinese gaming industry, including MMO addiction, Internet population growth, and the increasing quality of China’s homegrown titles. Also, the horse armor debate may soon find new life overseas, as there are plans for several Chinese game operators to switch from a subscription-based revenue model to the sale of virtual goods and other downloadable content “needed to advance various games”. Bron: Joystiq

Zeker even de slideshow bekijken bij het Business Week Online artikel ‘Big in China means really big’.
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En zeker ook een kijkje nemen bij het uitgebreide verslag van Marc op Marketingfacts!