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Crowdculture is an online platform that allows people to create, select and fund cultural activities in Stockholm. To participate, people have to sign up and ‘invest’ 50 SEK (6 €) per month. Each individual investment is then leveraged by public funds.

Nice! Great Swedish initiative! Read more at CrowdCulture.
Via Guerilla Innovation.



Hoe vul je een vliegtuig via Twitter?


DJs, promoters, label reps and ‘professional party people’ from the Netherlands have persuaded Dutch airline KLM to add an extra flight to its roster. In a new twist on crowd-buying, the initiators of Fly2Miami made a bet with KLM on Twitter to organize a non-stop flight from Amsterdam to Miami. Bron: Springwise

Slim voor het feestje, slim voor KLM en slim voor de mensen die een directe vlucht misten in hun reisschema! 😉