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The Internet: a crazy girlfriend?!


FB asks what I’m thinking. #Twitter asks what I’m doing. 4square asks where I am. The internet has turned into a crazy girlfriend.

Bron: Darian Knight

Connect everything else


Connect everything else

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Are we stuck? Or are we just at an interim stage in the evolutionary cycle, waiting for the next step to shift the landscape again? In this presentation I introduce some thoughts in regards to how we need to change our thinking if we are to break out of the repetitive cycle we seem to be in. Bron: Helge Tenno

Wederom een meesterwerkje!

Strategie Coca Cola in Social Media


Michael Donnelly (Group Director, Worldwide Interactive Marketing) van Coca-Cola over “Online Marketing Today, Tomorrow and in 2020”. Mooie brede aanpak waarin de ‘fan’ centraal staat. Lees ook “Don’t Let Your Brand Get Lost in the Social Media Shuffle” waarin een aantal handige en interessante ‘key take-aways and learnings’ wordt weergegeven rond social media en adverteren.

Augmented Reality: Hip of Hype?


De eerste generatie Augmented Reality experimenten heeft flink veel ‘buzz’ opgeleverd, maar sceptici vragen zich af of het niet vooral gaat om opscheppen in de creatieve industrie.

“If you do AR now, you can certainly get a real PR buzz,” says Gregoire Assemat-Tessandier, global head of digital at Bacardi Global Brands. “But there is a difference between PR that impresses your peers in the industry and PR that reaches the consumer.” Bron: Brandrepublic

Trevor Clawson geeft in zijn artikel Augmented Reality: Don’t believe the Hype een flink aantal voors en tegens weer vanuit de industrie over Augmented Reality. Must read!