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You can scroll the shelf using and keys

Everything that happens on Tweeria starts with something that happened on Twitter — a retweet, for instance, or an @-reply back-and-forth — but in Tweeria, it gets translated to a battleaxe or a fireball. The program pulls data direct from Twitter’s API, creating a character for every account, and assigning health and strength stats based on number of tweets and follower count.

Leuk bedacht! Meer: World of ‘Tweeria’: like it or not, your Twitter feed is a massive role-playing game

Tweeria: Lazy Twitter RPG


The game where good girls get better by being bad


Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!
Young lionesses hunt scandalous times in the “Roaring Twenties”.
Start a gang of wildcats in the 1920s. Stalk oppressive adults in a small-minded town and rip them with naughty little games! Win boyfriends and other disposable tools. Learn destructive secrets. Cuddle up to villains or send them packing. The first, party based adventure of epic satire. Bron:

De (Grl)gamers die genoeg hebben van de gemoedelijke huisje-boompje-beestje Sims moeten volgens mij deze game zeker even proberen! Zoals op de website van Mousechief te lezen is: “This is the game where good girls get better by being bad!
Ik ben vooral benieuwd hoe dit gamesysteem gaat vallen bij de grl-gamers.

Re-imagined combat systems are the heart a new kind of RPG: Taunt, Fib, Flirt, Expose Secrets, and Gambit. Mix in branching dialog, powerful prizes, and stat leveling for complete RPG nutrition. Bron: Kotaku

Mocht je het gespeeld hebben … laat even weten wat je er van vond!!